Stop It!

As humans, we are all susceptible to judging.  Sometimes it’s because we want what others have and sometimes I believe it’s because whatever we are judging is based off our society around us. 

My biggest issue lately is others telling someone that they are gross either directly or indirectly.  In this case, I am talking about bodybuilders, physique women and crossfit ladies.  Just because a woman is under 20% body fat doesn’t mean you can call her a man or say mean things about her.  Our society is slowly learning to accept other cultures, lifestyles and ideas but bullying still continues and being negative toward anyone is just that…BULLYING!

Now, I know I have passed judgment on another and many times I catch myself and rethink my thoughts.  The only time I really want to smack someone is when they complain about their weight/health and continue to eat fast food and are couch potatoes every day.  It’s not because I am judging this person, it’s because they just can’t figure out why they won’t lose weight and the answer is usually being shoved into their faces.  I want all people to be healthy and happy.   I am not perfect and I doubt I will ever come as close as I want to be.  But I will still lend an ear and my opinion if asked and strive to be the best me I can be.

I’m not going to say that men think women that have muscle out man them because that is not the case.  We are still women.   A few months ago, I had been joking around with what I thought was a friend and he turned around and flipped out on me saying I needed to lay off the roids and put the weights down because I was not a man.  Um, yeah that person is no longer in my life (facebook friend, ha) and I moved on from it.  I crossfit. I used to be a pear shaped woman but slowly, my shoulders are getting broader and I am getting stronger.  Sometimes I get down about it but I know I am beautiful.  And you are too.  Don’t let another’s harsh words affect your day and what you see in the reflection.  What do you love about yourself?  Think of that every single day.  Never want to be anyone else.  Just be you.  Block out those ignorant people.  The only thing that should be stopping you from being your best you is, YOU!


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