28 is GREAT!! (& Labor Day)

So, Friday was my birthday. The big 2-8. With birthdays, we usually know we are in for a not so surprise cake. Well, I didn’t get one cake on Friday but 3! My co-worker made two. One was the typical favorite dessert she makes, lime cake. The other was made with guava and some kind of whipped topping. Both were delicious and I ate those pieces of cake that like I was never going to get cake again. Then I went to lunch with some of my old co-workers. When I got back, there was a sheet cake waiting for me. Not just any sheet cake but the most massive sheet cake had ever seen. Again, delicious and sugary. Also, there was ice cream. Neapolitan but I opted for chocolate only. Oh MY GEE, I have not had that much sugar in one day since I don’t remember. It was great but it was awful.

That night, I rounded up four of my girl friends. All of which have never met. 🙂 There were a few fellow Army wives, my great mate whom I met through crossfit and a shy little introvert that I worked with before. We went to a wine and Italian tapas bar. It was fantastic. We all sampled wine, I had pumpkin and sweet potato ravioli with prawns, the waiter told me not to get the tiramisu yet I did and immediately regretted not getting the apple crisp. Stupid. stupid. STUPID! Afterward we went to a bar/club I used to go to when I was a young 24 year old single woman. It was what I remembered.
Except, I didn’t drink to my heart’s content and dance all night. We left before midnight. (Secretly after dinner, I really just wanted to go home to the puppies and cuddle but I’m glad I didn’t.)

Saturday was a bore. I didn’t leave the house. So we can just not talk about that day.

Sunday started like Saturday but then I got off my butt to run a few errands. Still didn’t get a lot accomplished but it was great.

Monday, some of the elite athletes and coaches from my box, Crossfit Zeus, competed in the Hawaii VA Loans Showdown. There were 52 teams. Our coaches’ team placed 10th overall out of the 52 and those guys and gals whom I want to be like in the next year placed 20th overall out of 52. While yapping my jaws, I overheard my GM and her man talking about some well known Crossfit athletes. I turned around and asked what they were talking about and she said, “Oh, Kristen Clever just walked by.” WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT???? Needless to say, I kept my eyes peeled the rest of the day trying to see her. When you are into crossfit, you see these athletes and just want to say hi and snap a photo with them. She actually competed in the individual competition. It was fun to watch her and the other 4 women compete. She had two injuries so she wasn’t her top self but she busted her ass and gave it her all nonetheless.

About my Zeus team that placed 10th, they were the exact definition of a team. The greatest event to watch them in was the last one. During the partner chipper, they had to grasp the bar during the time their partner was doing the Toes to Bar and when the first person stopped they still held on until their partner couldn’t bring their toes to their face for another rep. It was a great thing to see. And the final part of the chipper was overhead squats. Watching two members on either side of the bar to “catch” it if the teammates arm gave out was a proud moment. The fourth person cheered the person under the bar on. I was proud. So proud to be a part of the Crossfit community. Proud of my teammates, coaches and friends.

OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Did I mention after the competition was over, I smartly mall walked my rear end to the other side of the stadium and asked Kristen Clever to take a picture with me?? Yup. You could tell she was tired but she said yes, I sat down and she smiled for the camera(phone)!

The biggest part of my weekend that was missing was my love. He’s been away for today will be 13 days. Just a few more weeks to go. I miss him so much but staying busy with work, the puppies (three because I am puppy sitting and going CrAzY!), home projects and crossfit is really helping me not dwell on him being gone. It was a pretty eventful weekend to say the least but in a few weeks, I will really get to celebrate being another year older and wiser with my best friend.

Oh and there’s lumpia in the main office of my department today. WILLPOWER in full force. Tomorrow it will probably be doughnuts or malasadas or some other crazy treat. It is time to get back in the saddle. Friday was my birthday and this weekend was a long one. I am going to get that body I want, get stronger with the bar and feel great!

Food is fuel. But highly processed crap is just that; crap disguised as food.

It’s going to be a good week. I can feel it in my bones


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